GOOD OMENS by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

Good Omens
Good Omens
/Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman/Harper Torch/New York/1990/412pp./Finished 3/26/07/Rating:8

This book isn’t for everyone. But if you have a somewhat piqued interest in eschatology (the study of last things) and if you have a funny bone that’s tickled by British humor (or should I say “humour”), you’ll love this book.

I went to visit my friend, Phil Pearson, while he was in the hospital, and he was reading Good Omens and said that I HAD to read it. I went out that day and picked it up, and I couldn’t put it down. I found myself laughing out loud at every page (so, much to her annoyance, late at night in bed, while she tried to sleep, did my wife Shirley).

Here’s the basic premise (taken from the back of the book): According to The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (the world’s only completely accurate book of prophecies, written in 1655, before she exploded), the world will end on Saturday. Next Saturday, in fact. Just before dinner. So the armies of Good and Evil are amassing, Atlantis is rising, frogs are falling, tempers are flaring. Everything appears to be going according to Divine Plan. Except a somewhat fussy angel and a fast-living demon – both of whom have lived amonst Earth’s mortals since The Beginning and have grown rather fond of the lifestyle – are not actually looking forward to the coming Rapture. And someone seems to have misplaced the Antichrist…

Every page is delightful and hilarious. And just in case you buy the book and read it but accidentally miss the caveat on the first page, it reads: “Bringing about Armageddon can be dangerous. Do not attempt it in your own home”.

A funny look at eschatology. And it makes more sense than the Left Behind Series – which means not much sense at all.


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