Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller, Nashville, Thomas Nelson, 2004, 246pp; finished 3/22/9; rated 7

Sometimes Christianity can get stuffy. Donald Miller is on a kind of one man mission to unstuff it. In a nutshell this book is about cultivating a relationship with God rather than being squashed and unnaturally formed by religion.

Miller asks a lot of thought provoking questions that might leave the more institutionally religious among us a bit uncomfortable, but the questions usually get to the heart of the matter and ultimately ask whether we’ve substituted the formality of religion for a genuine relationship with God (and I’m not talking about formal churches here – Miller himself is from an evangelical background that nearly strangled him). In the midst of all his questions and insights, the author is sometimes drop-dead funny. Here’s an example:

“You would think some of the writers of the Bible would have gone to a Christian writers seminar to learn the magical formulas about how to dangle a carrot in front of a a rabbit, but they didn’t. Instead, the writers of the Bible tell a lot of stories and account for a lot of history and write down a lot of poems and recite a great deal of boring numbers and then conclude with various creepy hallucinations that, in some mysterious way, explain the future, in which, apparently, we all slip into Dungeons and Dragons outfits and fight the giant frog people” (p. 49).

This book is a good preventative for letting your religion get too stuffy. I recommend it.


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